Sermon Archive

Sermon Archive

After Easter

We continue the Easter story by looking at what comes after Easter.

But Easter….

We take a look at the Easter story and see how it changes everything.

Palm Sunday

We look at the triumphant entry on Palm Sunday and see how it impacts our lives today.

I’m Not Good Enough…

We look at how we can think we are not good enough and that it doesn’t matter because God is God enough!

Hooked: Fishermen Are…

We wrap up our hooked series by looking at fishing for men and the Characteristics we can learn from Fishermen.

Hooked wk 3: Reeled In

We flip the script in our Hooked series this week and look at how Satan tempts us with the bait.

Share your story Part 1

Jay Kitzmiller teaches us about sharing your story as he leads us this week.

Three Round Knockout

We take a look at Psalms 84 and apply it to our lives as we look at a three round fight.