Real Relationships

Real Relationships

One question…what would this world, our nation, our families, and ourselves look like if everyone followed through with what they say they’re going to do or believe to be true? There would not be any disappointment, deceit, hard feelings, or lies. The thing is not everyone follows through with what they say/believe. It is no fault of our own, it is our human/sin nature; however, I believe this is a major reason that church attendance and, more importantly, Christianity has declined. It’s not Jesus, it’s us. I heard someone say that “it’s not Christianity that I have the issue with, it’s the Christians.” There are many Christians, not all Christians, that claim they believe in Christ; however, they live their lives as if He does not exist (“They claim to know God, but by their actions they deny him. They are detestable, disobedient and unfit for doing anything good.”-Titus 1:16).

This is the origin of the idea that the church is “full of hypocrites.” and this makes me very sad. We, as Christians, are here to: 1. Worship 2. Spread the Love of Christ 3. Make disciples as we go/live; however, many get so caught up in the “religion” aspect of Christianity that they forget the “relationship” aspect of Christianity, which is what Christianity is…a relationship. Christianity is not a religion (Defined by Webster’s Dictionary-“Religion is an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or a group of gods”); Christianity is a relationship with Jesus, not a set of rules. We need to realize this and remember that even though we are FAR from perfect, we know the truth. Instead, what some Christians do is blame and condemn an unbeliever for sinning. What needs to be remembered is that someone who doesn’t know Christ doesn’t know what perfection is. It’s like having someone who is blind and who has never seen light, describe what light is (i.e. the sun, moon, stars, or even a ceiling fan), it can’t be done.

My prayer, not only, for myself, but also, for my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ is that we strive to and seek Christ’s guidance and wisdom to learn how to walk the thin line of truth and grace as He did because Christ did it perfectly. We, on the other hand, teeter on one side or the other. We, either, throw rules at people or we let too much slide. We have no right to condemn or judge people because we are no better than anyone else; the only difference is we know Christ and we are saved through His grace. So, what would Christianity and the Kingdom look like if Christians claimed they believe in Christ AND lived like He exists? I believe that many more people would be entering the Kingdom of Heaven as worshippers, for this simple fact:  we are made to worship. We were created with a desire to worship something, If someone doesn’t know God they will seek to fill that desire something else (money, career, significant other, etc.). As I type, I would like to challenge myself and the readers of this blog to earnestly be aware of the claims that you are making and realize there are people watching every move you make, whether it is your children, your spouse, relative, or fellow worker and that you are an example of Christ to someone. So, as 1family and 1church go spread the love of Christ to the world and make disciples as we live out our lives.


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