In 2018 at 1church we are saying it is the year to Love Big! When you think of Nike we tend to think of their tag line, Just Do It. Most companies or organizations have a two to seven-word phrase that is their tag line. A phrase that when you hear it, you automatically identify with them. UPS = What can brown do for you? Papa John’s = Better Ingredients, Better Pizza. You get the idea.

At 1church we have a great task of most importance. To share the gospel with the people around us and all over the world. We strive to this mission by reaching up to God, reaching in to the body of the church, and reaching out to the world. What we would like to do is take the year 2018 and apply Love Big to our mission. We want to love God in a big way by reaching up to Him, love people in a big way by reaching in to the church, and serve people in a big way by reaching out to the world. To Love Big by Loving God, Loving People, and Serving Others.

We know that with any God sized dream that it may seem impossible but that is what makes it God sized.       1church: Love Big. We are asking you to commit to the Love Big challenge.

1. Love Big: Love God in a big way. Commit to attend 3 times a month as we gather for worship on Sundays at 10:30am.

2. Love Big: Love people in a big way. Commit to attend Life Group 3 times a month during each session.

3. Love Big: Serve others in a big way. Commit to invite 3 people to attend worship with you each month in 2018.

Join us as we go on this journey of Love Big together in 2018 whether you are a part of 1church or not. If you are reading this then we have a relationship with you somehow. If you are not attending church anywhere we would love to have you join us at 1church. We meet at Sullivan North High School in Kingsport, TN on Sundays at 10:30am. If you have a church home and you feel that God is stirring up in you to Love Big, you don’t have to attend 1church to Love Big.  You can do that wherever you are in your journey. Join us as we go on this journey of Love Big together in 2018.

1church = Love Big




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