A dream house that wasn’t my dream

A dream house that wasn’t my dream

house      Selling a house is NO fun! It’s stressful, overwhelming and can be downright frustrating! Some people have it easy. Their house sells within 2 weeks of putting it on the market, the inspection and appraisal goes smoothly, they find the house of their dreams, get an amazing deal on it and live happily ever after……Not so for us! But God is faithful and meets our every need and sometimes gives us more than we ever imagined! Some people have been with us on our journey since the beginning, have celebrated with us and sympathized with us. But most importantly, they have prayed for us and with us and for that, we are forever grateful. Here is our story.

We put our house on the market last September and even though it was towards the end of prime real estate season, I was convinced that we would have no problem selling. After all, we bought the house within the first 2 weeks of it being on the market 8 years before. We actually had no showings the first 2 weeks, so we dropped the price. The showings were slow but steady. In April we finally got an offer! We were thrilled and immediately began looking for a new house. I even packed up a room in our house. After our inspection, the buyer decided to back out. Again – stressful, overwhelming and frustrating! But, God is faithful – we had not found a house we loved!

So, the process begins again. For a type A, OCD individual who likes to feel in control (at least a little) this is not an easy situation because you basically have NO control! God is continually teaching me that I’m never truly in control anyway and that He orchestrates it all. Easy to say, but hard to live out! At the point when I was ready to give up and pull our house off the market, another offer came through! It was a little lower than what we could take, so both realtors worked really hard to get the price where both families would be where they needed to be. God is faithful! It’s easy to be selfish and think that it’s all about us. When we pray for God to do something, like sell a house, we tend to think that no one else is involved in the process. What about the family buying the house? While we prayed for them from the beginning, it still does not always sink in that the timing has to work out for them as well. This family LOVES our house and they are so excited and they knew instantly that they wanted it.

So we began looking at houses again, which can also be stressful, overwhelming and downright frustrating. I had in my heart that I wanted an old house that had been fixed up – or perhaps fix it up ourselves if cheap enough, preferably downtown Kingsport, with perhaps a sunroom, fireplaces, lots of character and hopefully some huge old trees in the yard on a quiet street. I also wanted to significantly reduce our mortgage payment. We looked at plenty of those, but most were overpriced or needed too much work or were nothing like the pictures made it appear. We decided to start looking at the top of our budget and more move in ready. Brian convinced me that we needed to look at this log home, even though it wasn’t a super convenient location. I knew as soon as I walked in the door that it was the home for us. Even though it was nothing like anything I had imagined that we would be buying, it was so much more! God is faithful! In fact, He planted the idea of this house in our hearts 9 years ago!! See, we went and looked at the house back then. The owner had begun construction and wasn’t able to finish it. We knew that it was more work and more money than we had at that time. The current owners bought it, finished it beautifully and put it back on the market because it was time for them retire. Sometimes I think we put limits on what God can accomplish – even in the mundane parts of our life. It is truly a dream home, more than we could have asked for (and it still lowered our payment!). He has blessed us incredibly with this home and we are so excited to move in!

Proverbs 19:21 says, “Many are the plans in the sight of man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.”


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