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In 2018 at 1church we are saying it is the year to Love Big! When you think of Nike we tend to think of their tag line, Just Do It. Most companies or organizations have a two to seven-word phrase that is their tag line. A phrase that when you hear it, you automatically identify with them. UPS = What can brown do for you? Papa John’s = Better Ingredients, Better Pizza. You get the idea. At 1church we have…


      We live in the south where if someone sneezes in public it becomes a competition to see who can say, “Bless You” the fastest. Or when we are talking about someone and the phrase, “Bless their heart” is spoken in a soft tone that it means awwwww. I was recently asked the question how can I live my life in way that is a blessing to others? This person wasn’t talking about just smiling at someone and making…

SHHH…We are in the Library

SHHHHHH….We are in the Library! Being a church plant we had to come the conclusion very quickly that it is not about where we meet but it is about WHO we have gathered to worship.  We don’t have a building that we own or rent.  We are very thankful and blessed with the administration at Sullivan North High School to allow us the use of their facilities on Sundays.  We have met here since our first gathering on Easter Sunday…

A dream house that wasn’t my dream

      Selling a house is NO fun! It’s stressful, overwhelming and can be downright frustrating! Some people have it easy. Their house sells within 2 weeks of putting it on the market, the inspection and appraisal goes smoothly, they find the house of their dreams, get an amazing deal on it and live happily ever after……Not so for us! But God is faithful and meets our every need and sometimes gives us more than we ever imagined! Some people…

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